News Flash: Your Community Meeting Report Will Be Published and Presented to the United Nations

By Gary and Joy Lundberg

How would you like to be an integral piece of a puzzle that, upon completion, would stand as a startling visual wake-up call to the world? How would you like to be someone who helped, by your one tiny shovel full, to move a mountain-a mountain that stands in the way of family happiness for millions? That is the opportunity each individual has this year as we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the United Nations International Year of the Family.

How will this be accomplished? We have told you in past articles about our effort, under the direction of Professor Richard Wilkins at the BYU World Family Policy Center (WFPC), to organize Save the Family Community Meetings throughout the world (see, now we have an important announcement to make regarding that endeavor. The reports that come to us from individuals and organizations around the globe who are holding these meetings will be entered in a book to be presented at the Doha International Conference for the Family, held in Doha, Qatar November 29-30, 2004. 

This book will be a companion volume to a book containing a collection of papers written by respected scholars from various cultures, religions and countries, on the latest studies and findings regarding family issues that are addressed in The Family: A Proclamation to the World. These books will stand as a witness of the millions of people who believe in and are working to protect marriage and the family. These two books, along with the Doha Declaration on the Family, will be presented to the United Nations by the State of Qatar. The country of Qatar is in the unique and prestigious position this year as chair of the G-77 at the United Nations. The G-77 is the largest group of nations at the UN. 

Because of the extraordinarily high quality of scholarship that is coming in to the Planning Committee of the Doha Conference, and the uniqueness of the community meetings being held and reported, these books will be of special interest to delegates from the various countries. The evidence and reasons for protecting natural marriage and family values will then be in their hands. During our mission assignments at the UN we have met with many delegates who are not certain of their stand regarding family issues.  They welcome information to help them make informed decisions.  These books can be a powerful source in helping them formulate opinions and effectively participate in the debates concerning policies voted upon. The decisions of these delegates does not only affect their country, it affects us all-that’s why this is so important.

You can see now why we have been encouraging, even pleading, for individuals everywhere to join us by holding their own community or neighborhood meeting or activity in support of the family.  We hope to have meetings happening in every city, town, village, and hamlet. We want to stir the hearts of people to action to protect the family values that we all hold sacred. 

As of this date we have 19 countries represented with individuals from 38 different cities holding community meetings. This is a great start, but we need more! We hope to have hundreds of cities represented. If we are to fill a book with enough reports to impress the United Nations we must have many, many more meetings being held and reported. 

We’re deeply touched by those who have already responded to this call to action, some with difficulty in expressing their desires in English. To let you know of the wonderful people who are joining with us we share just a few of their letters with you. To protect the privacy of these individuals we will give only their first names.

From Pavlograd, Ukraine:

I want join you. I read your article in . I agree all ideas this article, and want provide it in my community. My community are near 120 000 people in city Pavlograd (Dnepropetrovsk region of Ukraine) where I and my family live now. People in my local community have many attacks on their families. For example, one problem is ungooding tongue of teenagers. Do you understand me? Hope you join me to you.  I am 41 old, have wife and children, we are LDS. Thanks. Oleg

From Tasmania, Australia:

  “I would love to have the information sent out so we can do something to organise a ‘Save The Family’ meeting in our area. I am so impressed by all of this and the song greatly touched my heart. I am a mother of 2 little children, aged nearly 3 and 5 years old. And as a mother I am greatly concerned as to where the values of a Family lie. Ever since my daughter started at school this year, that has been a big focus to me. That she understands that we, her Family are like her backbone in all she does. I just hope that we are doing all we can to be a big influence in her life. Once again, thank you for the marvelous work that you are doing. Love, Donna.”

From Cheltenham, England

“You asked us to contact you if we wanted to help in the above cause. What can I do to help? I am presently serving as Stake Relief Society President. I am the mother of 6. Kind Regards, Maureen”

From Rotterdam, Netherlands

“I would love the information about community meetings. I was recently called as the RS pres. and my bishop wants to do more missionary work, and this seems to be the ideal thing. Thank you. I heard about the song Save the Family from one of the Primary lists I still belong to. (can’t say goodbye after 14 years). Could you send the information for the small and the large meeting? I also have sent the link to your page to a lot of friends, so who knows what your mission will accomplish.  Thank you and all the best, Anneke”

From Blackwell, Oklahoma:

“This is what I want to do with the Save the Family Song. Our town has a parade for EVERY holiday. So I want to do a Save the Family float in the next one. If it turns into a branch project, great. If not, I can still go to bed and not worry about Romans  1:16!!! If you have any additional ideas, let me know! Thanks so much! Lisa”

From Hillsboro, Ohio:

“I want to hold a community meeting. I’m a gospel doctrine teacher, teach the teacher training lesson, am a visiting teacher and run a small weather station. I’m 83 years old. Let me know what I can do. Marie”

From New Plymouth, Idaho:

“I want to have a neighborhood meeting in my home. I know several people who care about the family and will be interested in knowing what’s happening and what they can do. I have spoken to the mayor of our city and he is interested in receiving more information. He’s considering holding a Save the Family community meeting. We’re excited about being able to do something that will help. Thank you. Kay”

There are many others, including those of other faiths, from New York City to Salt Lake City, from Italy to Africa. We are so pleased with all who have expressed their willingness to help. Now we hope every reader today will join us in some way to help protect the family.

A few years ago a well-prepared group, intent on destroying family values, presented to the UN a sizable listing of people who supported their position. It gave the impression that they represented the majority of the citizens of the world, even though they were a small minority. A huge number of delegates believed that this group’s philosophy was the new approach to progress and modernization. As a result, families worldwide are now at risk. The silent majority- those of us who value our families-can no longer afford to remain silent.  The time for action is now.

Please visit to see what you can do. Write us at [email protected] to let us know of your willingness to participate. You are needed!