Philadelphia Boy Scout Council Caves to Homosexual Agenda

The Cradle of Liberty Council–the nation’s third-largest Boy Scout Council with 87,000 members in Philadelphia and two neighboring counties–unanimously voted this month to add “sexual orientation” to its nondiscrimination policy, according to the Associated Press.
National leaders “think that time will just make it go away,” said Scott Cozza, of Petaluma, Calif., president of Scouting for All, one of the groups that held a news conference Thursday to criticize Boy Scout policies barring homosexuals and atheists. “We’re going to be there, knocking on their door, telling them it is wrong,” said the AP. The story can be found at

The Boy Scouts won a Supreme Court battle to be able to define their organization to exclude homosexuals from the group, but that was only the beginning of the battle, which protesters promise will be relentless.
“Friends of Scouts” have spread the word on the Internet through that they fear “this recent action may be just the early signs of what likely will become an unfortunate tidal wave of activity culminating in a moral collapse of one of our nation’s premier organizations.”

Their email states, “We urge you to voice your disappointment and concern over this disturbing decision that not only undermines the moral code of the BSA, but potentially jeopardizes the safety of 87,000 boys.

“Please contact Bill Dwyer, the Scout Executive with the Philadelphia Cradle of Liberty Boy Scout Council at:

Phone: 215-988-9811, or fax him at 215-988-9825.

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