missionary dress

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints updated the webpages regarding dress and grooming standards for full-time missionaries. Sister missionaries may now wear vibrant, and Elders may wear light-colored suits and khaki pants. Backpacks, “faux hawks” and hoodies, however, are out, as are big belt buckles, skinny ties and fishnet stockings.

Sister missionaries may also wear blouses that are “more fun and feminine.” And Elders may wear more colorful ties, tie pins, and tie bars. Elders may also leave the suit coat back at the apartment while proselytizing, and instead wear a sweater.

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Backpacks are no longer allowed. According to the website, “Backpacks are not allowed. If you need to carry additional items, you are encouraged to choose shoulder bags that are durable, professional, and business-like.”

Additional changes, including descriptive images, may be found at www.lds.org/callings/missionary/dress-grooming