Dear President,

We are often taught that everything happens for a reason. It may take us time to figure out why certain things happened, but I know that in time things will always works out. Time is so valuable and most people do not realize how precious it really is. I believe that God gave us our bodies, but He wants us to create our lives. Most people are in need of help in different ways. The hardest thing to do sometimes is to ask God for a hand to guide us through the negative emotions and puzzling questions. But I know that if we go to God in prayer, he will never let us down.

I am 17 years old. I was raised a Baptist and I’ve always believed in God and prayed every night. I always prayed for others; I rarely prayed for myself. When I do turn to God, I know that He will give me what is best.

Several months ago, I got into a really bad car accident and totaled my vehicle, but I made it through the accident with some minor scratches and back pain. I got really depressed afterwards because I needed a car for my job and I felt like I had let a lot of people down. Things just weren’t going good for me at work and in my personal life. I thought about death even more, wondering why I did not die that day. I got to the point where sometimes I wished that I would have died in the accident.  That’s when I knew that I needed to ask God for help. So one night I prayed for myself. I prayed that God would help me find strength and guidance and help me get closer to Him and just be happy. I also make a promise to myself and God that I would improve my life with His help.

Later that night after I fell asleep, I dreamed that two young men in white shirts would come and answer my prayers. I told my parents about my dream, but we had no idea what it meant. Just two days later, I came home after school to find my father talking to two young men outside our home.  They both had on white shirts and ties.  When they introduced themselves to me and shook my hand, I felt a sudden comfort and happiness fill my heart.  I knew they were the answer to my prayers. My dream was being realized sooner than I had ever imagined. They said they were missionaries for the Mormon Church.

My father invited the two young men inside and they talked to us about Joseph Smith and how they knew that the Book of Mormon is true.  As they talked, I listened and everything they said made sense to me, it just felt true. The missionaries asked if they could come back over and my father said they were welcome over anytime. The missionaries started coming over about once a week, sometimes twice. They taught me things and opened my mind and heart to things that I never knew. I started reading the Book of Mormon and I fell in love with it. I started meeting other families in my ward and every person has been so wonderful and kind to me. Several weeks later I was baptized by one of the Elders that came to my door that day shortly after my dream. This Elder had been in this area for a long time before he visited me. I feel like he was supposed to stay to find me and help me find my way home with our Heavenly Father. God has angels on earth. I feel like these missionaries were my angels sent to save me.

I know that I have never felt this happy in a long time and I am still working on making my life what God wants it to be.  I realize now that if I had never been in that accident, then I would never have gotten depressed and prayed so hard for help. I know that I am a better person today than when the missionaries first came to my door. I will spend the rest of my days trying to show as much love and compassion to those around me as I have received from others. I thank God every night for answering my prayers. I know that God will always be there no matter what challenges we face. 


Linda B