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Cover image via Church Newsroom.

With the growth of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints throughout the world, the Relief Society, Young Women and Primary organizations are “thrilled” to have women leaders in international areas to help provide instruction and mentoring, said Relief Society General President Jean B. Bingham.

“Because they are familiar with the language, culture and environment, these sisters can be on-the-ground help for many leaders who may be ‘young’ in the Church and yet anxious to fulfill their responsibilities well,” she said. 

The First Presidency has recently approved the calling of area organization advisers in areas outside the United States and Canada at the discretion of area presidencies.

Several women have been called as area organization advisers in the Europe, Philippines and Caribbean areas. Additional area presidencies are expected to also call women to serve in this capacity. 

“Each of these women have served in many capacities in the Church and come with a background that will be a strength to the area presidency as well as the local leaders,” President Bingham said. “The area presidencies who have called and set apart these women are also excited to have them provide needed insights and perspective in councils in their area.” 

Primary General President Joy D. Jones said the area organization advisers will teach “with a unified perspective” as they orient newly called stake and district Relief Society, Young Women and Primary presidencies. “We have already felt the strength of their testimonies and their desire to serve.” 

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