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As part of the ongoing renovation on buildings and grounds at Temple Square, the Main Street Plaza — which connects North Temple and South Temple streets at Church headquarters in Salt Lake City — will close on April 11 for its own renovation and landscaping renewal.

The planned closure for the plaza — which is projected to remain closed from April 2022 until late 2023 — was announced Friday, March 25, as part of the monthly updates on the Temple Square renovations published by

The Main Street Plaza efforts will include:

  • Inspecting and repairing the plaza deck
  • Updating the plaza’s waterproofing system
  • Refurbishing the north and south entry fountains
  • Installing a larger reflecting pool at the plaza’s center
  • Refreshing the landscape design to better integrate the plaza with the Church Office Building plaza area and the Salt Lake Temple grounds.

The Church published a map showing available pedestrian access points to and from Temple Square Buildings during the plaza closure.

Also published were renderings of the proposed plans for Temple Square and the Main Street Plaza.

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