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Corporations, nonprofit institutions, the media, and countless individual Americans have expressed support of the Black Lives Matter movement, funneling millions of dollars into organizations that purport to carry out its cause.

But although many Americans support the phrase “black lives matter,” the actual aims of organizations and activists committed to this cause often are far more radical than what Americans hear through the lens of the media.

It’s deeply important that we know what the agenda truly is.

A new book, “Black Lives Matter at School,” lays out how the entire system of K-12 education in America could be transformed to carry out the agenda of the Black Lives Matter movement.

“Black Lives Matter at School,” a collection of essays, gives a framework for how the movement aims to shape public education in coming years. The book received a fairly laudatory and sympathetic analysis in The Washington Post.

But much like President Joe Biden’s references to radical critical race theory programs as simply “sensitivity training,” the Post smooths over the radicalism of the work and makes it digestible to a larger audience.

A fair number of left-leaning Americans don’t want to support Marxism and ethnic nationalism, but it’s clear that is what “Black Lives Matter at School” and affiliated groups actually are selling.

The author of one essay in “Black Lives Matter at School” wrote a book in praise of Marxism, and many of the items on the economic and social agenda laid out in the book are quite radically left wing.

When Americans say they support “black lives matter,” do they really want to abolish the nuclear family and boot Abraham Lincoln out of America’s pantheon of heroes?

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