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When Elder Connor Bennion from Perry, Utah, and Elder Matthew Nelson from Chicago, Illinois, set out to serve a mission in Australia’s outback, I’m sure they had no idea they would end up on national TV.

But ABC’s program Australia Wide featured the missionaries as they went about a typical day serving the Lord and others. While the day may have been ordinary for the elders—minus the TV cameras—reporter Stephanie Zilman couldn’t help but notice the missionaries’ dedication as she focused on the fact that these 20 and 21-year-old men sacrificed two years of their lives—along with hobbies, family, friends, education, etc.—to serve.

Elder Bennion and Elder Nelson, who were out tracting around Christmas time when the temperature can reach as high as 113 degrees Fahrenheit, showed their persistence as well as their concern as they tried to connect to the locals in Katharine.

The two struck a bit of luck when they met a man decked out in head to toe in Chicago Bulls fan gear, something Elder Nelson could relate with.

As missionaries often do best, both Elder Bennion and Elder Nelson shared why their message was worth giving up so much.

“I think that something we can always improve on is sharing our unique message of the Restoration of the gospel,” Elder Bennion says. “We know that God still speaks to prophets today.”

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