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“Everybody likes a compliment,” Abraham Lincoln said.

Compliments can help children grow or stunt their progress, depending on how the compliment is given. Complimenting action and effort, rather than giving a broad compliment of the child themselves, can significantly motivate them to be better and feel better.

Research shows that we all learn our belief systems as little children. It is the very belief system that functions as the foundation of our entire life.” Positive affirmations as a child can greatly benefit lives as adults.

Here are eight compliments your children need to hear from you:

1. “I believe in you.”

Your child needs to know that whether they are succeeding at the moment or not, you have not given up on their ability to succeed. Believing in your child’s ability to accomplish their goals will give them the motivation they need to become better.

2. “That choice makes me proud.”

Some choices won’t make you proud, but applauding the good choices will encourage your child to continue making wise decisions in order to gain your praise. Your child wants to know that you haven’t forgotten their efforts to make you proud.

3. “I appreciate your ability to ___.”

Really look for the areas your child is excelling in. If they know you believe they are capable of being kind, diligent, honest, or happy they will begin to believe it themselves and act on the compliment they are receiving. For example, if you say, “I appreciate your ability to work hard,” your child will strive to work hard in the future, knowing that effort is acknowledged.

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