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International women leaders from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints met with Cabo Verde’s First Lady to discuss humanitarian initiatives during an 11-day ministering assignment to Cabo Verde, the Baltics and England.

In Praia, Cabo Verde’s capital, Sister Tracy Y. Browning, Second Counselor in the Primary General Presidency, and Sister Rebecca L. Craven, Second Counselor in the Young Women General Presidency, visited the Presidential Palace on March 2 where they met with First Lady Débora Carvalho, who highlighted projects she has developed in three areas: combatting child sexual abuse, children with special needs and teen pregnancy.

Expressing appreciation for the First Lady’s work, the leaders referred her to the Church’s online educational resources, which include material on mental health and abuse, that can assist with some of the concerns she shared.

Sister Browning and Sister Craven were also hosted in Praia by organizations the Church has helped support: Colmeia, which promotes inclusion for children and youth with disabilities, and CENORF, the National Orthopedic and Functional Rehabilitation Centre.

The General Officers traveled from Cabo Verde, 350 miles off the coast of Africa, to the Baltic nations of Latvia and Lithuania, and ended in southern England during the March 2–12 assignment.

They addressed young people, adult members of the Church with leadership responsibilities, and members of the Relief Society, the Church’s worldwide organization for women. Typically attending multiple events in each country, the women were accompanied by their husbands, Brother Brady Browning and Brother Ronald L. Craven, and by members of the Europe North Area Presidency.

The overriding theme during the leaders’ travels was Christ-focused outreach. “Your life and your time are purposeful,” Sister Browning told youth in Crawley, England. If we seek Christ’s voice, we “will hear Him calling” to “‘arise and come forth.’”

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