It’s graduation time and that equates to books rich in advice for the future. The following are all picture books, (except for the third book), and would be perfect gifts for ages three through eight, unless otherwise indicated.

Something, Someday, by Amanda Gorman and wonderfully illustrated using paint, collage and digital manipulation by Christian Robinson, is an uplifting book rich in simple text with inspiring words of advice. You are told this is too big for you. But you’ve seen the tiniest things make a huge difference. This stunning book showcases how even the smallest gesture can make a big difference. The colorful end-pages give a glimpse of this important message.

Mazie’s Amazing Machines, by Sheryl Haft and ingeniously illustrated with graphite pencil drawings layered atop hand-printed stamps by Jeremy Holmes, is sure to spark the imagination. Meet Mazie, a budding engineer who tackles problems head-on to improve her home life. Faced with the messy task of feeding her dog, she ingeniously devises an automatic dog food dispenser using everyday household items. Each challenge Mazie encounters is met with her innovative solutions, making this book an ideal catalyst for young minds aged four through eight to explore, invent, and stay motivated.

Eyes that Weave the World’s Wonders, by Joanna Ho and Liz Kleinrock and with digital illustrations by Dung Ho, delves into the theme of adoption from an Asian country. However, at its core, the story resonates with the universal journey of self-discovery and acceptance. It emphasizes the importance of embracing one’s roots and identity, even when they differ from those around you—whether within your family, classroom, or community. Ultimately, it beautifully portrays the enduring love within families, demonstrating that true bonds transcend external differences.

365 Cool Ways to Remember Stuff, by Lauren Holowaty and illustrated with black and white etchings by Martin Motzo, is packed with techniques and subject matter to help retain items important to you. It has been proven that with the help of rhyming, songs and numbers, your recall can be triggered almost perfectly. This smallish paperback is invaluable and full of categories that include spelling, geography and the human body. The ages best for this is ages ten through adult.

24 Positive Affirmation Card Set for Kids, by, includes brightly illustrated positive thoughts on cardstock to confirm who you are and what you can become. Some of these sayings include: I am thankful for all the blessings I have, It’s okay to make mistakes. I can learn from them and I can find Happiness anywhere. Even though the title states that it’s for kids, this box of cards Is excellent for all ages through adult!

Viking Strong, by Doug Cenko, demonstrates the importance of kindness. Ingrid harbors aspirations of winning the esteemed “Strongest Viking Contest.” Confident in her strength for the first two rounds, she hesitates when faced with the ocean challenge in the third round, being unable to swim. Despite her fears, she courageously joins the competition. When her fellow contestants encounter danger at sea, Ingrid demonstrates remarkable selflessness, forsaking her own ambitions to rescue them. This endearing narrative, brought to life with vivid open-page spreads, brims with humor, integrity, and even kittens. Be sure to explore the delightful surprises awaiting within the playful end-pages!

How to be Brave, by Karl Newson and brightly illustrated using pencil and watercolor and colored digitally by Clara Anganuzzi, helps empower kids when they are about to engage in a new experience. Every page combines a young boy and a different animal attempting new things. The combinations are a brilliant adaptation to showcase that the best thing you can do is give it your all.

Mabel and the Mountain: A Story About Believing in Yourself, by Km Hillyard, is a cute story about Mabel, a small fly, and her big goals. She writes down three goals and begins immediately to accomplish them. Beginning with climbing a mountain seems too daunting for a small fly. Other flies throw out negative comments which includes Flies do not climb. They fly! However, Mabel doesn’t not give up. The story, with bright Illustrations, is all about perseverance and overcoming doubt.

Moving Up! A Graduation Celebration, by Rosemary Wells, is the perfect book for kindergarten or preschool graduation. The book features five graduates showcasing how their interests can become their livelihoods. The colorful illustrations were done in watercolor and ink.

The Big Cheese, was written by Jory John and brought to life by Pete Oswald’s innovative blend of scanned watercolor textures and digital paint, delivers a timeless lesson in humility and empathy. This tale follows a large, self-important cheese round who learns a valuable lesson when he encounters a humble piece of Brie content to stay out of the spotlight. Through clever text and whimsical illustrations, the story imparts a powerful message about the importance of modesty and consideration for others. John and Oswald’s collaboration extends beyond this book, offering a series of entertaining and educational reads that are sure to captivate young readers, prompting both laughter and reflection.