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Receiving revelation—personal direction for our lives—is a humbling experience. It is a privilege for us as God’s children to speak directly to Him and receive answers by the power of the Holy Ghost.

Yet even with guidance from our leaders and our own past experience with revelation, we may still wonder why we sometimes feel a lack of revelation—a lack that can lead to confusion, doubt, heartache, or discouragement. “Why won’t God answer my prayers?” we sometimes ask. “What am I doing wrong that God chooses not to speak to me as He does to others?”

But God is always willing to speak to us. Sometimes we just need to learn how to speak to Him and to listen more closely for His guidance.

Evaluate Your Questions

Sometimes I assume that God will simply give me revelation because it’s obvious that I need His help and guidance in my life. But I sometimes forget to ask for it specifically.

I pray about my housing, my career, my family, and my calling. I am single, so I try to pray about dating and to know if marriage is God’s will for me. Unfortunately, though, my focus on what really matters often comes and goes. For example, a friend once asked, “Are you even still praying about the opportunity to get married?” Although my heart was filled with “That’s none of your business” and “Of course I am” and “Who do you think you are?” the answer, as I thought about it, was no. Of course marriage is one of the desires of my heart. But for a time I had stopped praying specifically about it. Maybe it was because it hurt to keep asking for something that I never received. Maybe it felt like it wasn’t God’s plan for me and so I should stop asking.

But by kneeling and asking God whether marriage is part of His plan for me, I am often given sweet and sustaining answers.

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