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Like two sides of a coin, love and law are able to coexist, President Dallin H. Oaks of the First Presidency told Brigham Young University–Idaho students during a devotional on Tuesday, October 30.

“Those who honor God’s commandments may be seen as not having love for those who do not follow His laws,” he said. “Conversely, reaching out in love and kindness can at times be seen as condoning choices that are contrary to God’s laws.

“However, these seemingly contradictory ideals are in fact a paradox,” added the First Counselor in the First Presidency. “Not only can we follow both directives of the Lord, but in finding an appropriate balance we can live both principles in a deeper, more complete way.”

Speaking in the BYU–Idaho Center on the Rexburg, Idaho, campus, President Oaks referred to a talk he gave nine years ago titled “Love and Law.”

“I believe many in this audience are not familiar with that teaching,” he joked. “How old were you nine years ago?”

President Oaks spoke of balancing the competing demands of love and law. He encouraged students to follow the gospel law in their personal lives while simultaneously showing love for those who do not.

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