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Natalie Hill Jensen has had an illustrious acting and singing career. She received her Bachelor of Music degree at New York University and performed on Broadway in popular musicals, including GreaseBye Bye Birdie, and Wonderland. While living in New York City, Natalie also became known for her popular blog, “The Mormon in Manhattan,” which she wrote in the early 2000s.

Today, she is married to Alex Jensen, assistant coach for the Dallas Mavericks, and they have three young girls.

Natalie was recently a guest on the All In podcast with host Morgan Pearson. They discussed what it was like for Natalie to be a single Latter-day Saint when she lived in New York City and worked on Broadway. As part of their discussion, Natalie shared how she would explain temple garments to her castmates who were not members of our church.

“The first day of rehearsal, I’d be like, ‘Hey ladies! … These are called garments. I wear them under my clothes. They’re super sacred to me. They remind me [of] the covenants that I made, and they remind me of Jesus Christ. I feel like they are a protection to me and they’re really special, and I love wearing them, so you’re going to see them a lot,’” Natalie would say.

She would also point out to her new castmates that many religions have religious clothing, and the garment is similar. She said that “literally everyone” responded positively.

“I think the more open you are about these things, the less weird it becomes,” Natalie says.

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