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Six-time chart topping classical music group The Piano Guys just released a moving new music video. They felt that the music alone wouldn’t communicate the emotion of the piece so they called upon Charity and Andres–the Latter-day Saint “World of Dance” stars who were the first ever to receive 100 on a routine on the show–to given their song some extra punctuation. Read the story in their own words:

“As we polished off our arrangement of Lewis Capaldi’s stirring song, “Someone You Loved,” we felt a strong need to find a way to express the emotion in our tune beyond the bow and the keyboard. We needed a poetic love story spoken without words, but with melodic motion. Before our last note hardly had time to rest we contacted Charity and Andres, dance world superstars who caught everyone’s attention when they captured the first perfect score on “World of Dance.”

We had complete faith in these two artists, to tell the story that needed to be told. It turns out, Andres is likely going to be leaving for 2 years to serve a full time mission for his church. Charity is supporting him in this, but the two are experiencing intense bittersweet feelings regarding their impending partnership’s hiatus. This is the story they told in dance to our music—a story of sadness, of support, of joy, of unity, of strength, of longing, and of unconditional love. The mastery in their choreography is unmatched and has the power to stir up tender feelings for someone you loved.”

Watch the video below: