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A compelling new video just released by the Mormon Channel, utilizes Native American dance and culture as it shares an important message about raising our children in light and truth. You may teach a child all the Gospel “dance” steps, but if they can’t hear the music, then the steps won’t mean very much.

“The Holy Ghost is the only one who can instill the beauty and reality of the Gospel into our soul. He is the only one that can give us the knowledge of God and of Jesus Christ. The steps are just that, steps, they are divinely given given and important, but hold no real intrinsic meaning until we “see things as they are” and feel or hear the Gospel. The steps done with the right intent, open us to that Holy communication.”

The video is based on Elder Wilford W. Andersen’s address given in General Conference entitled, “The Music of the Gospel“.

See the video for yourself by clicking below: