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Editor’s note: The following film explores the personal experience of two young women and their journey to finding the Gospel. While theirs is a moving and important story to share, we also acknowledge that not every gay member of the Church can or will resolve their situation in the same way. 

This latest installment of Splitting the Skya YouTube documentary series exploring women and spirituality, tells the unique and tender story of two women who were integral in each other’s journey to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, but not in the way you might expect.

“It literally tore my soul into pieces growing up, because I knew the Church was true but I knew that a core piece of who I was was in direct opposition of my belief,” Courtney says of her growing up years as she struggled to reconcile her testimony with her sexual orientation. After leaving the LDS Church and BYU, she met and married a woman named Rachelle. It wasn’t until years later that Rachelle began to investigate the Church and Courtney felt pulled back to that testimony of her youth.

Learn more about their story in the video below: