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“You are needed,” was the LDS Missionary Department’s message to senior Church members at BYU Education Week on August 22.

“In the history of the world, there hasn’t been more of a need where the times cry out for missionaries as they do now, especially mature people in the gospel such as yourselves, who live the gospel, … know how to navigate this world, and know how to bring the blessing of the gospel to the hearts of the people that you talk to,” said Chris Miller, pre-field services group manager for the Missionary Department.

David Williams, global operations manager for the Church-service missionary program office, told the class that the current number of about 6,300 full-time senior missionaries serving today represents about 50 percent of the present demand.

“We receive requests daily from mission presidents and from all the Church departments and operations requesting more senior missionaries,” Williams said.

The Missionary Department would need more than 11,000 full-time senior missionaries to submit recommendations every year in order to match the requests it has received, according to Williams. Similarly, about 12,000 Church-service missionaries would need to be called every year to meet the number requested beyond the approximately 23,000 who are currently serving.

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