With the “Home-Centered Church” principle being taken to a whole new level in the past few weeks; now more than ever, families are looking for ways to enhance their study of the gospel AT HOME.  Especially families with children. 

David Bowman, creator of the DRAWN IN series, hopes his videos can help!  Here are a few samples:

David’s special Bicentennial Celebration of the First Vision episode:

Sample Book of Mormon “Come Follow Me” episode (2 Nephi 9).  Great for Easter.

“When I felt impressed with the idea for DRAWN IN last summer, I had no idea where it would lead,” David shares.  “I had already written/illustrated the Who’s Your Hero? Book of Mormon Stories Applied to Children series and other gospel-related kids’ books, but I thought, ‘What’s next?  How can I make scripture content (for families with kids) that is accessible, frequent, engaging, AND right in line with our weekly Come Follow Me schedule?’  Weekly video episodes seemed to be the answer.”

Since then, the DRAWN IN series has “drawn in” thousands of families — with illustrative videos that are full of solid Book of Mormon teachings, but still fun and inviting for kids and youth of ALL ages (not just little children).

“Kids have always been my target audience,” says David.  “But what has surprised me is how much pre-teens, teenagers and adults are getting out of series as well.  I keep hearing how the WHOLE family is learning and benefitting from it—17 year olds down to 3 year olds.  They’re all engaged.  They do the “DISCUSSION” questions found in the videos and it leads to some great family teaching time.  I love it!  Creating these FAMILY gospel learning environments is what it’s all about.”

David Bowman is also the artist of the Expressions of Christ series – fine art depictions of the Savior – and uses some of these images in his DRAWN IN videos as well.  Sometimes, people familiar with David’s more realistic art style are surprised to learn that he also does these fast, cartoon-style drawings.  David explains that it’s all one in the same to him: 

“My goal is to teach of Christ’s love/gospel in VISUAL ways.  Sometimes that involves realistic looking depictions.  Sometimes that is done through more cartoon-y pictures. Sometimes its flow charts and diagrams.  It can even be a hand puppet.” (Which his videos are full ofJ)  “It depends on your audience.  Any style can be used to glorify Him.”

08 - HAND RAncher back!_Moment.jpg

(Examples of David Bowman’s variety of art/teaching styles)

In thinking about the current state of things worldwide, David shares how grateful he is for a prophet that is always one step ahead of the game.  “Home-Centered, Church-Supported Gospel Learning was not just some random, arbitrary idea a year and a half ago.  We are being lead by a prophet of God.  He sees the bigger picture and is always preparing us for things to come.  And when we heed his counsel, we are always better off for having done so,” he states.

Meanwhile, David just hopes this DRAWN IN series (videos & print outs) can be an asset for families as they strive to learn from the Book of Mormon together at home.  As they say, pictures can speak a thousand words.