I have collected some of the best books for this holiday that will be good for all ages. The next two reviews will also list more Halloween books that will span the age spectrum for kids and families both to enjoy. The first two books are board-books, geared for the very young. The next four books are picture books that are geared for ages three through six. Skeleanor the Decomposer is a graphic novel geared for early chapter readers in first through fourth grades. The rest are fiction and geared for ages eight and up.

Happy Halloweenie, by Katie Vernon, is a simple rhyming tale featuring just one or two words per page. An adorable hotdog is trying to decide what to be: skeleton/ or mummy/ yucky/ or yummy. The colors are vibrant and costumes hilarious.

Eek! Halloween!, by Sandra Boynton, showcases chickens that are nervous as Halloween approaches. Strange things begin to happen: a jack-o-lantern has eyes that flicker, they see a witch and a wizard and much more. There’s a die-cut cover featuring a scared-looking chicken.

Meowl-O-Ween, by Diane Muldrow and brightly illustrated digitally with a dark backdrop by Tiffany Chen, have the cutest cats on the prowl on Halloween. One little kitten gets lost amongst the trick-or-treaters. The rhyming tale and colorful palate makes for a great holiday read aloud!

Wolfboy is Scared, by Andy Harkness, is a brilliantly illustrated series. The first book is Wolfboy. The extensive artwork was made with a time-consuming process which ultimately creates intricate, amazing clay images. Wolfboy and his rabbit friends end up in the heart of the scary forest at night where he is quite frightened. This is where they all meet Grumble Monster. This adorable book helps kids know it’s alright to be scared. Be sure to check out the movement of the moon and the end-pages.

The Monster Mac and Cheese Party, by Todd Park, has vibrant color throughout which is Park’s trademark. This inventive story centers on monster’s clever recipes of Mac and Cheese. Each monster arrives with a bowl that reflects their nature. The mummy brings a bowl with eyeballs and the spider brings her bowl with flies. Kids, young and old, will enjoy this book.

Addie and the Amazing Acrobats, by Shauna Cagan, is a story about an amazing acrobatic bat who must choose between stardom and friends. When Addie initially chooses stardom, she finds that she is missing her deep friendship with her two friends. This lovely story was illustrated digitally with hilarious asides from bystanders.

Skeleanor the Decomposer, by Emily Ettlinger, is rich in perseverance and following your dreams. Skeleanor is a skeleton who hopes to play in a band. But she has great difficulty finding an instrument that will cater to her talents. This wonderfully colorful book shows the main character rich with great traits whom you’ll fall in love with. There is some funny humor found throughout as well.

Monsterious: Terror in Shadow Canyon, by Matt McMann, is the third book in this series. The book is rich in adventure, mystery, and excitement. Three friends become lost when camping in a deep canyon and soon realize there are some strange sightings that keep appearing. All three books are page-turners clear to the end.

Extra Normal, by Kate Alice Marshall, has Charlie trying to figure out what is going on with her new next-door neighbors. They seem strange and they don’t want her to see inside their house. This neighbor keeps getting stranger making this a mystery and a little spooky as well.

The October Witches, by Jennifer Claessen, has the throwback impression of a blend of the movie Practical Magic and Hocus Pocus. Clementine is a thirteen-year-old witch whose family can only use their magic during the month of October. The reasons for this and a sudden disappearance of her aunts makes for an exciting read.

The Little Vampire Moves In, by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg, is a rather fast read and perfect read aloud. Rudolph is hiding in Tony’s, his friend, apartment building. Tony’s family doesn’t know about Rudolph and they also don’t know that Rudolph is a vampire. This makes for many close calls and funny circumstances. It all becomes even more exciting when someone becomes suspicious.