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As Sister Kristin M. Yee, second counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, has pondered the blessings and power found in covenant relationships with God, she has come to know better how the Savior offers relief.

“Jesus Christ is at the center of our covenants. It is only through Him and His sacrifice that we can make covenants with God,” she said.

Speaking during a Brigham Young University devotional on Tuesday, Oct. 24, Sister Yee shared five thoughts on the relief that Jesus Christ brings through covenant relationships.

1. ‘There is relief in partnering with God’

Sister Yee told students that each one of them can partner with Heavenly Father and the Savior in deep and powerful ways through covenant relationships.

“There is such relief in knowing you are never alone in your sorrows, your challenges, your decisions, your insecurities, your weaknesses,” she said.

All those who have made covenants with God have access to a special kind of love and mercy, taught President Russell M. Nelson.

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