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With the Church History Museum’s 12th International Art Competition exhibit winding down after more than eight months, six of the displayed works have been announced as winners of the Visitors’ Choice Awards.

The winning entries were announced Friday, Feb. 24, on

The six — which include one video entry — were among the 148 pieces that have been on display at the museum since June 9, 2022. The Church History Museum exhibit closes on March 4 but will still be available digitally.

The competition’s theme was “All Are Alike Unto God,” from 2 Nephi 2:33 in the Book of Mormon.

The competition received pieces of art in various sizes and formats from more than 850 artists in some two dozen countries worldwide.

Winners of the competition’s Purchase Awards and Merit Awards were announced June 9, 2022, at a presentation in the Assembly Hall on Temple Square.

Amy Bunnell Jones, ‘Encircled in the Arms of His Love’

With arms stretched wide, the Savior seeks to connect His great creations within His love. As humanity remembers that they are God’s children, they feel an obligation to listen to and understand the perspective of others, Jones said.

“We are all connected and, therefore, need to love each other deeply, purely, and without reservation, just as God loves us,” Jones added.

Esther Hi’ilani Candari, ‘As a Loving Parent’

A parental hand guides a young child toward the love of God, symbolized by the white fruit of the tree of life. Inspired by Lehi’s desire in 1 Nephi 8 to share the love of God with his family, Candari said she selected models who she felt embodied this loving concern, with her neighbor Tara and her love for her nephew — pictured in the work — eager to share friendship as being examples of Christlike charity.

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