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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has released its 2024 schedule of Churchwide broadcasts and other recorded resources, which are listed below.

The purpose of each event is to provide inspiration and instruction to help individuals and families become closer to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

Stake and ward leaders may wish to reference this schedule as they plan events for 2024. Broadcasts may be viewed on and the Gospel Stream app (in four languages). Recordings of events will be archived on in Gospel MediaGospel Library and Gospel Stream. Individuals, families and leaders are encouraged to use the live streams or recordings to supplement teaching, training and activities at home and church.

Event notices for the following events will be published on and other Church channels. Each notice will include information such as who should participate, how to watch the live stream (as applicable) and how to view the broadcast on demand. Many of the events are for specific audiences and are not intended for all, although anyone is welcome to view them. Event notices may be updated with additional details as the date of an event gets closer.

An official letter that lists broadcast times, channels and languages will be emailed to leaders several weeks before each broadcast and can be referenced at For general help with satellite equipment and broadcast streaming, see

See Things to Do on Temple Square for a separate list of concerts, exhibits and other Church events.

Churchwide Broadcasts

Promotion, viewing and use of the following Churchwide broadcasts is at the discretion of area leaders, but a gathering of Latter-day Saints to view each of these broadcasts is encouraged. Some prerecorded events are meant to be used as part of an area-sponsored event. For example, members of a ward or stake might gather to view a recorded message from headquarters and then listen to messages or testimonies by local leaders and participants.

The following events also will be noted in the ward and stake calendars at and in the Member Tools app.

January 28: Worldwide Event for Youth: “I Am a Disciple of Jesus Christ”

February 4: Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults

February 29–March 2: RootsTech Family History Conference and Family Discovery Session

April 6–7: April 2024 General Conference

May 5: Worldwide Devotional for Young Adults

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