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The Brito family had been scrimping, saving, and selling off possessions to collect enough money in 1995 to travel and be sealed together in the Sao Paulo Brazil Temple. That temple sat some 2,800 kilometers (more than 1,700 miles) from the northeastern coastal town where the financially humble family lived—a bus trip of more than two days each way.

All were excited to go to the temple, but despite all their efforts, the price to send the two parents and 11 children on the prolonged trip still seemed unattainable.

Until 3-year old daughter Valdirene Maria de Brito spoke.

“Everybody was excited to go to the temple, but we didn’t have enough money to go,” she recalls, 23 years later. “So I had the idea to sell the family pig. They accepted the idea and were grateful.”

Adding the price paid for the 340-pound animal to the final tally was just enough for the Brito family—two parents and 11 of their 17 children—to travel to the temple in Sao Paulo for the adults to be endowed and the family members sealed together.

Maria do Carmo Alves de Brito remembers watching her 11 children enter the sealing room that day. “They were like angels, and the workers were asking, ‘Did we get everybody?’” she said, adding, “I feel that the temple makes our family more united.”

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