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August 21, 2019


Thousands of youth gathered in the LDS Conference Center this weekend to sing, dance and tell the history of temples in a cultural celebration in anticipation of the Jordan River Temple’s rededication on Sunday.

They sang, “I am ready. I am ready. Stronger every day. And I know He’ll help me find the way.”

The Jordan River Temple has been closed for a little over two years, while the interiors were dramatically refreshed and work was done on the mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, as well as the foundation of the temple. It was first dedicated in 1981 and has been one of the most heavily used temples since then. (Run your mouse over the photo below then arrow forward or backward and read the captions below the images)

Chuck SanfordJuly 21, 2018

Thanks for this picture---Chuck Sanford, professional trumpet player around the world, USAF bands, 1968 - 1989

Susan RoylanceMay 21, 2018

This is beautiful! You captured the essence of this special event -- and this photo essay will help the youth remember these exciting and spiritual experiences. Thank you for sharing your talent!