Why the Newly-Purchased Nauvoo Sites are So Significant: A Photo Essay « Meridian Magazine

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June 21, 2024


How could Joseph and Emma have known when they got married on January 18, 1827 that they would move 14 times in their 17 years of marriage? Could they have imagined that their time together would be so brief? The Church has just purchased their two Nauvoo homes, the Nauvoo House, the Red Brick Store and other significant properties, artwork, letters and manuscripts. These beautiful, warm images and stories invite you to be a guest for a few moments in scenes they knew so well. Read the caption below each photo and learn some amazing things about these wonderful sites.

D. NantoMarch 18, 2024

Beautifully done. Thanks for sharing.

John RogersMarch 18, 2024

Scott, I am always amazed and gratified and blessed by your photo essays... From Nauvoo to the shores of Bountiful, your photography always brings added light! Thank you.


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