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December 3, 2023


Since the Accra, Ghana Temple dedication in 2004, each temple dedication has had a cultural celebration where the youth of the temple district put on a show with a cast of sometimes thousands who perform before the prophet or presiding authority.

It’s a way of inscribing the temple in the very hearts of the youth, who with each dance practice and every song become bound to this memory of when a temple came to them. They give up sports tournaments and sleep–and try on talents they didn’t know they had—all in the name of rejoicing.

With the Payson Utah Temple dedication came this grand celebration Saturday night, June 6, at BYU’s LaVell Edwards stadium based on the theme “Fill the World with Love.”

A record 13,000 youth filled the stadium which became a riot of Maypole’s and colored ribbons and cowboy hats and an actual 2,000 stripling warriors who were about the same age as Helaman’s devoted group.

In these photos we invite you to join in the fun. We have found that the stories behind the pageantry—the stories you have to dig to find–are the most inspirational of all.


Judy BrayJune 15, 2015

Makes me proud to be a part of the Saints.

Rebecca AndersonJune 8, 2015

wonderful pictures! Thank you so much.


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