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June 18, 2024


You thought obscure Lone Peak High School was just the home of the number one basketball team in the nation—but it is also home to some world-class humanitarian students.    This is an invitation to come with us to Kenya—or at least join other Meridian readers in helping to bring a well in a village without water. With your help we can do it!   Warning:  If you come to Kenya you will fall hopelessly in love with the African children you serve.  You will never be the same.   The pictures below in this photo essay are the happiest we know. They were taken last summer in M’bele, an impoverished village in Kenya where most of the school children live on only one meal a day and still had big smiles for their visitors from America. We went last summer to build classrooms and 100 desks in this village because our daughter, Michaela, who was then a junior in high school had a dream to build a school in Africa.  Though she was a new student at Lone Peak High School (having just moved from Virginia), she reached way deep inside of her and found courage to start a club at school—which they called the Africa Club. She and her new friends worked hard selling books door to door in the snow, planned a benefit concert (which Meridian readers supported) and much more to raise the money to build classrooms and 100 desks in this arid, little village.


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