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May 25, 2024


Photos by Scot Facer Proctor.   Text by Maurine Proctor

3700 teenagers in a rainbow of colors danced and sang across a football field with high energy and great spirits for the Brigham City Temple cultural celebration the night before Sunday’s dedication. The theme was a Harvest of Faith, appropriate for this northern Utah town with its pioneer heritage. First settled in 1851 when Brigham Young sent fifteen families here, those early generations cultivated seeds of devotion and faith that made a temple possible here today.

Those settlers survived with sacrifice and devotion that was both physical and spiritual as they worked the land and never dreamed that someday a temple might be in the town they created.

The narrator said, “The Lord said in Doctrine and Covenants…, ‘Where much is given, much is required.’ Perhaps it can also be said that where much is required, much is given.”

It’s fun to think of the people who came here to settle this land,” said Kabrie Bronson. “They never thought they would have a temple here. It’s a good feeling to know it’s our land and our temple. We’ve put so much into getting ready for this performance and it paid off. We think of the people before us who put so much into this gospel and we’re just giving back.”

The teenagers who performed had faces that were brighter than their costumes as you’ll see in the photos below. “You don’t think you’d feel the Spirit so much while you were dancing,” said Whitney Capener.

“Being in the celebration has made the Spirit come into my life so much stronger. Every time I’ve come to practice I’ve felt the Spirit,” said Kyle Parkinson.

The kids were struck with the sense that celebrating the coming of a temple is a once in a life time thing, and they’ll never get to do this again.

These gatherings celebrate the history of the area where a new temple has come, as well as the temple itself.


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