Now is the time to “actively and enthusiastically seek, teach, and live by truth,” Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles taught during a devotional held in the Salt Lake Tabernacle on January 26.

“It has always been important not only to teach but to defend truth, and in our time that need seems to be growing,” he said.

In an address to Church Educational System educators for the annual “Evening with a General Authority” event, Elder Christofferson spoke of truth and the need for Church educators to help their students find truth with divine assistance.

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“The first thing we should understand about truth, then, is that a knowledge of truth in any significant measure requires divine assistance, either through the Light of Christ or by the aid of the Holy Ghost,” he said. “Given our limited mortal capacity and resources, if we are unaided by revelation, we simply cannot achieve a comprehensive knowledge of things as they were, are, and will be, and how any one thing relates to how everything else was, is, or will be.”

Although every individual is required to study and learn, it is through that “divine help” that a person is able to find understanding.

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