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The President of French Polynesia, Édouard Fritch, recently invited citizens to join together in a day of fasting and prayer to seek God’s help as the country faces the many challenges of COVID-19. 

The response was profound, with people of many faiths participating from their homes during the current pandemic-related lockdown.

Elder Frederic Riemer, Area Seventy in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in French Polynesia, called upon everyone in the country to take part. “Let us continue to show solidarity, to give what we can, to help where we can, and to serve whenever the need arises,” he said.

He also called upon everyone to “share the peace of Christ” to encourage unity and faith across the country.

He further stated: “We welcomed the opportunity offered…to reconnect with God, our Creator, with this weekend of enriching spiritual experiences.”

Members are asked to go without food and drink for two consecutive meals, or approximately 24 hours, usually on the first Sunday of every month. According to some who took part in the fast, joining with neighbours and friends of other faiths during the special national fasting day gave added purpose to this important part of their worship.

Tepurotu Mariteragi, from Paea, said: “It was a wonderful experience for our little family. Early that morning, we knelt together in prayer and poured out our souls to the Lord in favour of families who have lost a loved one, in favour of our fenua (country) and our people. We spent the day talking about gospel ideas and reading the scriptures.”

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