Meridian has a new app, and if you sign up for it now, just as we are launching, we will send you a gift. Keep on reading to find out what it is.

You are probably like us and have many apps on your phone. We especially love our apps that take us to our favorite magazines and news sources. Just because they are so much easier to use, they are where we go often. One-click and you’re in, instead of taking the time to type in a URL.

That makes a difference to us in our lives that are always on the move.

Now Meridian is launching our own app, which will allow that same ease. When you download it, it will be one click to Meridian. And, of course, it’s free.

What a contrast Meridian is to other media sources today. In a world where media so often dishes us division, trouble and bad news, Meridian brings you ideas that are good for the soul. Just when you are wondering, where in the world can I find articles that enlighten, inspire and lift me, just when you are having a bad day, with our new app, you are one click away from feeling better. Somebody sees the world as you do with the grounding of the gospel.

An app does amazing things. It allows you to save the articles you really love in your own personal file. This makes the magazine, your Meridian. You have saved the articles that matter to you.

You can turn on alerts and select only those that you care about. Care about the breaking news of the Church? You can receive it as soon as it happens. Want to know when the Come Follow Me podcast is available, or when there is a new article on your favorite topic, you can turn on an alert. 

You only have a minute to read something and you are on the go, you are one click away. Think of it, one click away from learning more about the scriptures. One click away from being up-to-the minute on the news of the church. One click away from insight on the relationships in your family.

Since it is the Meridian app, we fondly call it the Mapp, because we hope it will help you navigate this tumultuous world and take you where you want to go.

One of the reasons we named our electronic magazine Meridian 22 years ago is because the longitudinal lines that go from north to south around our planet are called meridians, and we wanted to take a new measure of the world.

We are pre-launching the app by letting you register for it at All you have to do is submit your email. That’s it. Couldn’t be simpler. Then we will send you the gift.

What is that free gift? You will receive the e-book, written by Scot, called Eleven Things You Probably Didn’t Know about the Book of Mormon. This richly illustrated and researched book will surprise you with a few (or many) things you really didn’t know about the Book of Mormon. People always tell us that the book contains many, many more than 11 things they didn’t know about the Book of Mormon—ideas that were hidden in plain sight. Now, you will know too. You may be surprised at what you didn’t see before. The app is free. The ebook if free.  Sign up for this prelaunch of the Meridian app at