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Editor’s Note: As part of the #LightTheWorld campaign, Meridian’s authors have been asked to take turns chiming in a word or two about the service prompts that have been given as part of the #LightTheWorld calendar.

Today we have two authors and a guest who have all taken the opportunity to express their love of Christ through a creative outlet.

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Covenants are Promises” by Marilynne Todd Linford

I chose December twelfth on the Light the World calendar which reads: “Interpret how you feel about Jesus Christ by creating art, a song, a poem, or some other creative outlet, and share it with a friend or loved one.”

I hope some of you are my friends or loved ones because I have a creative outlet to share. First you have to know that I don’t write song lyrics and for sure I don’t write music. But a few months ago I wanted to write words for a new Primary song using President Nelson’s phrase “walk the covenant path.” I thought it was important to link “covenant path” with following Jesus’ example. I wanted to write words to teach doctrine that could be sung at baptisms. Within a couple of days I had four verses and a chorus to a song I titled “Covenants Are Promises.”

The short version of how the music came to be is that when my son-in-law, Kent Lehnhof, read the words to “Covenants Are Promises,” he told me he was going to send the words to his friend Andrew Unsworth who happens to be a Tabernacle organist. Within a few days, Andrew sent me the music. I am appreciative to Kent for being proactive and to Andrew for sharing his time and talent.

(See music below. It is legally copyrighted.)

From Susan Law Corpany:

I see a light.

I’m drawn toward the glow.
I stand before my Lord and I am not ashamed.
I touch His wounds and know He died for me.
He has atoned, and He has shown me the way.

I look into His eyes, and I see love profound,
Such love as you and I have never, ever known.
I am His lamb. He is my Saviour, dear.
And He has come to claim me as His own.

“Well done, my child.”
He loves me still.
In all my weakness, He loves me, and He always will.
I enter in this place of endless peace, and I am Home.

–Susan Law Corpany

A Guest Submission from Nathan Newell:

As part of the #LightTheWorld challenge, to show my love for Jesus Christ, I drew the Angel Moroni that sits on top of each temple. When we go to the temple, we are able to learn more about Him and His teachings. We can feel His love and be reminded of our purpose here on earth to serve and love one another. I’m so grateful for the blessings that come from temple attendance. 

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