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Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Middle East are rejoicing at the announcement that a temple will be built in Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE). Church President Russell M. Nelson announced the temple on April 5, 2020, during the Church’s general conference.

“We are truly blessed that President Nelson has announced the construction of a temple in Dubai,” said Abu Dhabi Stake President Marcus D. Oates, an Abu Dhabi resident from Australia. “We would also like to acknowledge the kindness of the leaders of Dubai to allow this historic temple to be built.”

Having a temple closer to home will be a blessing for the nearly 8,000 Latter-day Saints in the region, including 1,600 members in the United Arab Emirates. Currently, people wanting to worship in a temple must travel to places like Ukraine, Italy and Germany. A temple in Dubai will also be a blessing to members traveling from Europe and Asia.

President Oates added, “The first temple in the Middle East will be a blessing to our members who typically travel great distances to attend the temple. Adults and youth will have the opportunity to worship in the temple more frequently.”

“President Nelson’s announcement of a new temple to be built in Dubai is an answer to prayers,” says Maroun Akiki, president of the Beirut Lebanon District. “For many years, members of the Church in Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Kurdistan-Iraq have faithfully looked forward to the day they will be able to visit the temple and receive ordinances for themselves and their deceased ancestors. The temple in Dubai will bless the lives of thousands of people living in the area.”

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