Halloween is upon us and if you or looking for some last minute ideas to inspire you for a party, costume, or just for fun here are some that you will enjoy.

Use rolls of toilet paper and decorate them as witches for a centerpiece. The best way to get the toilet paper colored is to spray it and then cover it with contact paper.


Floating hands in the punch bowl is one of my favorites. All you have to do is take plastic gloves and rinse them out good the then fill them with water and then tie them off at the top.  Place in freezer over night and them you will have the perfect treat for the punch bowl.


Orange jack-o-lantern or easy to make with a good magic marker. Also it can be fun to make a cream ghost on a chocolate pie.


Painted pumpkins are a great way to keep pumpkins fresh. If you do not have to cut them they will last a lot longer.  I have had them outside in the cold November last for a month.


Steaming pumpkins are easy to make. Just find a can that will fit though the top of your pumpkin.  Be sure to use a glove and only have adult handle the dry ice.  Place small chunks in the can and then pour really hot water over the dry ice and you will have a steaming pumpkin for a few minutes.


Haunted house is fun to make instead of the tradition cut out pumpkin. I just follow the direction for putting dry ice into a pumpkin in photo above.


Paper plates make a great skeleton. I cut out two of every body part and then use one for the back and for the front and staple them together.  Then punch hole in both ends of the bone and tie them together with string or yarn.


For a last minute costume winning idea dress you child in sweat pants and them blow up balloons and pin them on him or her so they look like a bunch of grapes.


Repeat the same process as above but use pink sweats and pink balloon to make bubble bath. These creative costumes have won many a costume contest.


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