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Dozens of Latter-day Saint families are among the legions being forced from their homes in search of shelter and dry ground as Tropical Storm Harvey continues its devastating and historic assault across southeast Texas.

Hit especially hard is Houston — the United State’s fourth largest city and home to several Mormon stakes and missions. Thousands in the city have had to be rescued from inundated homes, even as rainfall overwhelms area bayous and waterways.

Local and federal civil officials are calling the disaster a “human crisis” that is just beginning.

All missionaries are safe. Meanwhile, there have been no reports of injuries to members living in impacted areas, although local priesthood leaders continue the process of gathering information during a dynamic, evolving disaster situation.

Mission and stake leaders in the region told the Church News that communication has been generally reliable throughout the storm, allowing them to keep in touch with the people they serve.

“Things are still pretty wet here,” said Texas Houston South Mission President Aaron T. Hall, who has missionaries serving in the heavily impacted downtown Houston area.

“We are keeping everybody inside his or her apartment,” he added.

The elders and sisters assigned to the Houston South Mission communicate each day with mission headquarters via phone calls or text messages to ensure all are safe and accounted for.

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