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As I studied about the principle of Zion this past week, I didn’t feel peace. Instead, I felt exhaustion and a sense of dread—I thought if Christ were to appear He wouldn’t find a Zion people. Instead, He’d find a world full of rage and turmoil, and His people caught up with it.

I recognize how hard it is to get a proper perspective when we’re bombarded by tactics meant to stir up the furor and ensure we feel as whipped up into a frenzy as possible. It’s important to take a breath and look at the future with hope. Many good and faithful people seek Zion today, striving to build connections rather than fuel contention.

However, I don’t think many would deny that modern rage hasn’t touched them in some way. It was prophesied that in the last days “the whole earth shall be in commotion” and “the love of men shall wax cold.” We see contention becoming a way of life for many. The Lord described the people of Zion as being of “one heart and one mind.” How can we achieve one heart and one mind as the Lord’s people with such problems facing us?

The Divinity of God’s Children

To begin seeking Zion today, we must return to seeing everyone around us and especially on the other side of the screen as a divine being. It is so much easier to viciously attack others when we do not see them as a child of God. We often justify our own anger and cruelty towards others with the false notion that we are defending the gospel and sharing truth in a passionate way. We cannot bring others to Zion when we care more about sharing our opinions than testifying of God’s truth that all of His children are worthy of respect and love, even when they act in a way that is contrary to our beliefs or even inflammatory.

We can begin to reaffirm divinity in our daily lives by asking ourselves throughout the day, “Am I treating this person like a child of God? Is this how Jesus would talk to them?”

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