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Many of the historical treasures that I have tracked down are hundreds of years old.  These include  letters written by George Washington, books from  the library of Napoleon, and scriptures belonging to the prophet Joseph Smith, to name a few.  However, I recently found a letter that was written by Mother Teresa.  And, although it’s only forty years old, the insights are timeless.
Everything about this letter tells something about this remarkable woman–the story of a woman who spent her life helping the “poorest of the poor”.  For example, the first thing that I noticed about this letter was that it was not written on fancy stationery.   Rather, it was written on a plain sheet of lined notebook paper–using an inexpensive ballpoint pen.  Even the address at the top “Missionaries of Charity, 54 A, Lower Circular Road, Calcutta, 16” was stamped using a rubber stamp and an ink blotter that appeared to be low on ink. Mother Teresa would have never considered using money needlessly for costly stationery–if  that money could be used instead to help the poor.  
This letter was written in 1975–just a few days before Christmas.  Mother Teresa was in Calcutta, India at the time that she wrote this letter.   The recipient,  Mr. G. G. Wagner, lived in New York and had helped arrange for Mother Teresa to address the United Nations two months earlier.  
The letter reads as follows:
Dear Mr. G. G. Wagner,
Many thanks for your kind letter of 11/11/75.  I am glad you were happy that all went well at the UN.  I must tell you, I felt like [a] fish out of water in that crowd of businessmen and leaders.  I never feel like that with crowds much greater, but closer, of our kind: the lepers, the dying, the unwanted, the helpless, the unloved, the lonely.
Thank you for inviting me, for I have a better understanding of the rich, who day after day have to accept the role of entertaining and being entertained.  Their gatherings need the presence of Jesus very much.
Happy & Holy Christmas and God’s blessings on 1976. Pray for me, as I do for you.
God bless you,
M Teresa, MC [Missionaries of Charity]
Mother Teresa did not aspire for worldly recognition. As she said, she felt “like a fish out of water” around all the businessmen and world leaders at the United Nations.  She was much more comfortable around “the lepers, the dying, the unwanted, the helpless, the unloved, and the lonely“.  Apparently she was not too impressed with all of the “after-dinner” parties either, “their gatherings need the presence of Jesus very much“.  MT02
Each time I read this letter I gain a greater appreciation for the life and example shown by Mother Teresa.  Just three years after this letter was written, she was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.  Charity never faileth. (1 Corinthians 13:8).
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