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Walking down aisles of food at the bishops’ storehouse at Welfare Square in Salt Lake City, the Presiding Bishopric greeted missionaries and volunteers one by one, praising them for keeping the facility clean and organized.

One of those missionaries was Elder Jordan Coulam. It was the 21-year-old’s first day serving at the bishops’ storehouse. Having stocked many of the shelves, Elder Coulam felt grateful the Presiding Bishopric noticed his efforts — and he was quick to acknowledge it wasn’t about him.

“There’s a very strong spirit here,” Elder Coulam told the Church News. From where he stood at the entrance of the storehouse, he pointed out seven images he could see of the Savior ministering to people.

Whether stocking shelves or helping fill orders, “it’s about ministering to the one,” Elder Coulam said.

Presiding Bishop Gérald Caussé said he and his counselors, Bishop W. Christopher Waddell and Bishop L. Todd Budge, are humbled by faithful members like Elder Coulam they meet throughout the world.

“The Church is all about people,” Bishop Caussé said.

As part of the Inside Church Headquarters series, the Presiding Bishopric spoke to the Church News from the bishops’ storehouse at Welfare Square, providing a glimpse into the Church’s vast welfare and humanitarian efforts around the world.

More than food

The sights and smells of the bishops’ storehouse remind Bishop Caussé of his career working with supermarket chains and food distribution companies.

“I’m in many ways doing the same things,” Bishop Caussé said of his role as Presiding Bishop of the Church. “I’m still managing distribution systems, but it’s all different at the same time. It’s still very demanding, challenging in many ways, but it is easier because the Lord helps. It strengthens my testimony that this is the Lord’s work.”

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