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Speaking at a weekly devotional at Ensign CollegeElder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles answered questions about change, personal revelation, covenants and balance — and encouraged the students to focus on the promptings and impressions they were receiving from the Holy Ghost instead of on his message.

“Please pay attention to the thoughts that come to your mind and the feelings that come to your heart by the power of the Holy Ghost,” he said in the Tuesday, Jan. 31, gathering at the Assembly Hall on Temple Square.

The 45-minute devotional served as a “conversation,” with Elder Bednar fielding questions from Ensign College President Bruce C. Kusch and his wife, Sister Alynda Kusch.

Change and revelation

One of the questions asked was about how to handle the inevitability of change in life. Elder Bednar said the essence of the mortal experience is to not remain the same.

“The natural man and the natural woman dislike and avoid change,” he said. “Men and women of Christ learn to love change and the lessons they learn in the process of being ‘born again.’ One of the fundamental aspects of overcoming the natural man and the natural woman is not resisting change but embracing change and learning from it.”

A common question Elder Bednar receives is how to discern the Spirit’s influence and receive revelation. He explained that worthy Latter-day Saints “are living in revelation” and will not always recognize inspiration in the moment it occurs. When one worthily partakes of the sacrament and renews covenants each week, one is promised “that we may always have the Spirit to be with us,” he added, paraphrasing the promised blessing from the sacrament prayers (Doctrine and Covenants 20:77, 79).

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