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When I was younger, I remember writing things down that described my perfect husband: “tall, dark, and handsome,” “loves kids,” and “great sense of humor.” As a member of the Church, I certainly didn’t expect “pornography addict” to be included on my list when I did find my dream husband.

I fell for Neil hard and fast. He was one of the kindest men I had ever been around. He was loving and easygoing, never said anything bad about anyone, and was just extremely likable. Tall, dark, and handsome didn’t hurt either! I felt like I could completely be myself around him. Neil made me feel like I was home. I was pretty sure I wanted to be with him forever just a couple months into dating him.

Neil, on the other hand, had been in many relationships and had a pattern of dumping girlfriends around the three-month mark. True to pattern, he broke up with me too, just before Christmas. I was devastated.

“I Have a Problem with Pornography”

You know that feeling when you break up with someone you really love and you can’t eat or sleep or even think? That was me. I kept wondering what in the world had gone wrong, since everything with us seemed to be going so right. I finally called Neil to ask for some sort of explanation. And to my total surprise, he said, “Let’s go on a drive.”

I’ll never forget on that cold December night, as snowflakes fell softly onto the car windshield, Neil uttering the words, “I have a problem with pornography.”

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