Editor’s note:  Here is the updated information on the Webinar with Scot Proctor, Publisher of Meridian and John Hewlett, Formulator of Cardio Miracle: The webinar was held on July 15, 2020 and you can watch the broadcast by clicking here. The topic was: Getting Your Numbers to a Heart Healthy Place with Scot Proctor and John Hewlett, hosted by Jason Hewlett.

Those of you who know me personally (or just as the publisher of Meridian Magazine) know that I am a fierce advocate of my own health.  I work every day on my health and it is a battle worth fighting.  I have diabetes and heart disease.  If you haven’t read my original story where I came face-to-face with a life-changing health episode, please CLICK HERE.

I come from a long line of plaque builders—it’s just in the genes.  We Proctors (many of us) also have a genetic tendency towards high triglycerides—very high.  All these conditions are kissin’ cousins and play into health complications.

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Maurine and I have traveled the world extensively (until recently) and therefore are often at the mercy of whatever menu is being served to us.  Diet has a tremendous influence on our health—perhaps the most of any factor—along with stress.  Ironically, when we get stressed we tend to eat more, and, adding insult to injury, eat more of the wrong things.  We think we need comfort food and so we give ourselves license to eat whatever we crave at that moment.  I think you all know what I mean.

Watching my Triglycerides

Those of you who have followed my health stories know that I take Cardio Miracle® every morning and night. This has tremendously helped my health profile in the past 22 months.  But beginning this past late fall and into the winter, my total cholesterol number and my triglycerides, like a stealth team, started creeping up again.  When I was tested on December 19, 2019, my triglycerides had gone up to 165 (normal range should be 58-149).  Now, for many, you might not even raise an eyebrow at 165—but any rise in the tide of triglycerides for me is alarming.

Total Cholesterol Number Everyone Watches

At the same time my triglycerides were rising so was my total cholesterol.  For regular, every day, healthy people, the normal number for this should be between 158 and 199.  But, if you have heart disease or you’re diabetic, health care professionals are recommending getting that number down around 100 or below!  That is no small task.  On December 19, 2019 my total cholesterol was measured at 209.  This was a huge alarm for me!  What was I doing wrong?  What could I be doing to aggressively attack this issue without increasing prescription medication?

Here I am with 16 of our grandchildren at our annual Cousins Camp that Maurine and I do. I want to live a long and productive life and be with these amazing people as long as I possibly can.

My Friend John Hewlett

Around the second week of March, I called our friend, John Hewlett, the formulator of Cardio Miracle, and told him all my numbers and asked him what he thought I should do.  Now John is not a doctor and he reminds me of that all the time—but he has interacted with thousands of real people who have real health challenges and he deeply understands the importance of nitric oxide in our bodies. He has probably read more of the 100,000 plus studies that have been done on nitric oxide and its effect on the body than any other lay person on the planet.  He and his wife, Janet, have come to care very much about me and Maurine (and we for them) and my health.  He told me I should double-dose with Cardio Miracle for the next three months and that would certainly help.

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The Results of My Experiment  

When I commit to something, I stick to it no matter what.  I started the middle of March double-dosing with Cardio Miracle.  Yes, I know that this is not a normal approach with any supplement and certainly not with a med. And yes, I know this is an economics issue, but here’s how I figure it:  Every visit to the doctor (especially a specialist) is between $150 and $350.  It takes me a long time to hit my deductible.  That is cash out of pocket.  I’ve been through heart procedures before—the first one was $27,000 plus ambulance and emergency room fees of another $8,000.  The second one, five years ago, was another $30,000 plus.  Those are real numbers and they have a direct impact on my health as well (do you know what I mean?).

I got my lipid profile done on June 24, 2020 and my numbers were amazing.  I was so thrilled. 

My triglycerides dropped from 165 down to 72! 

My total cholesterol dropped from 209 to an astounding 107! 

This literally made my heart SO happy.  When you deal with health issues all the time, results like this made me want to go eat some comfort food—just kidding!  Seriously, it made me want to be even more healthy, much more careful, smarter and become an even fiercer advocate of my own health.  And I want to share that same success with you as a reader of Meridian.

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Watch our Healthy Numbers Webinar (broadcast on July 15, 2020) by clicking right HERE. If you are an advocate for your own health it is well worth your time watching it.

In Conclusion: The Darrell Principle

Many years ago, I was meeting with one of my dearest, lifelong friends—he’s really family, Darrell Ownby.  I’ve known Darrell and his wife, Nina, for 59 years.  At the time of our conversation, I was really struggling with some pain in my right shoulder.  It was hard to do any rotation at all and it bothered me at night and certainly affected my ability to throw a ball or a frisbee or do anything physically demanding.  I told him about my pain, assuming it was probably bursitis like my Dad always dealt with in his post-50 years.  Bursitis is inflammation of a bursa, a closed, fluid-filled sac that works as a cushion and gliding surface to reduce friction between tissues of the body—and in this case—it’s a swelling and redness and pain between the top of the arm bone and the tip of the shoulder.

I kind of murmured to Darrell how bad it was (he was my safe place to complain) and he asked me matter-of-factly: “What are you doing about it?”  I said, “Well, I’m not sure there’s anything I can do about it.  I’m just trying to live with it.”  “What?!” he said.  “Scot, you have to work through this.  Work on it.  Come at it from every angle.  Work through it.  Don’t live with it!  Work it until you’ve overcome it and overcome the pain. Don’t be a victim to it!”  He was absolutely right—and I had not done that. I did what he said and I overcame my shoulder pain in a matter of months (it had gone on for two or more years).  That conversation became known as “The Darrell Principle” in our home. 

And I give you that same encouragement with your heart, your diabetes, your inflammation, your possible dementia, your risk of stroke, circulation issues, your neuropathy—any number of things that you are dealing with.  Hit them head on.  Work through them.  Don’t just live with them (and yes, I know there are exceptions!). Don’t be a victim—be an agent!

Nitric oxide therapy is smart for anyone.  It’s really smart for anyone over 45.  It’s essential for anyone over 50.  I’m in that latter category and I will never miss taking my Cardio Miracle the rest of my life.  Now, if you have not been on Cardio Miracle, then I would just start with the recommended dose once in the morning and once at night.  If you have been taking it for some time and you feel like you want to jumpstart your health a bit (which is what I did), don’t be averse to trying the double-dosing. 

I want to have an impact for good in this tumultuous and complex world and I can’t do much if my health fails.

Here’s to your health—Gesundheit!

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Again, click here to watch the Webinar with Scot Proctor, Publisher of Meridian, John Hewlett, Formulator of Cardio Miracle and Jason Hewlett, host. It was broadcast on July 15, 2020 and the topic was: Getting Your Numbers to a Heart Healthy Place.