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Elder Joseph W. Sitati, a General Authority Seventy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, encouraged those gathered at the 3rd All Africa Congress on Religious Freedom September 14 to “let human flourishing be the vision we take back to our communities and promote in our own capacities.”

Speaking to those he described as “fellow travelers in the cause of peace, stability, and freedom,” Elder Sitati’s address covered the connection between religion and freedom, the importance of dignity and human rights, the challenge of engaging differences among us, the need to practice religious diplomacy, the community-strengthening role of religion, the connection between religion and social trust, and the economic and business benefits of religious freedom at the global level.

“Let the prospect of a happy, peaceful future for our children determine our actions,” said Elder Sitati, a native of Kenya. “May we be dignified, tolerant, forgiving, and respectful in our efforts. As we do so, let us foster both the guiding frame of the law and the delicate ways of the heart. After all, the governments, nations, and societies of this world have their root in the individual aspirations for goodness and freedom. I believe we can all work together and be friends in a common vision of a peaceful society.”

Read the full transcript of Elder Sitati’s address here.