Kristine Marsh and Matthew Philbin at the Media Research Center document how the news media have sold gay ‘marriage’ to the American public.

It’s quite an accomplishment, overturning millennia of understanding about marriage. In just a couple of self-obsessed and nihilistic generations, we’ve managed to render that sacred pillar of civil society more or less meaningless. We’ve degraded it into just another “right” in the never-ending list progressive activists demand, judges arbitrarily invent, and bureaucrats uphold at the expense of actual constitutional rights. But boy did we have help! Marriage was in a lamentable state anyway, stripped of religious significance and “til death do us part” seriousness. But it’s the media elite’s relentless normalization of homosexuality that has really done it in for holy matrimony. Besides the free exercise of religion, marriage is the most important casualty of the media’s wholesale adoption of the gay agenda.

Entertainment and news media figures are happy to take credit for it…

Newsrooms and studios in major cities are full of secular liberals who’ve learned from other secular liberals and were reared on tales of the Civil Rights movement and the crusade against racial injustice.

But Selma and the March on Washington happened more than 40 years ago. There’s no equivalent injustice today. So journalists have invented one.

In 2013, a Washington Post reader had the impertinence to challenge the paper’s wildly pro-gay coverage, resulting in an email exchange in which a Post reporter sniffed,

“The reason that legitimate media outlets routinely cover gays is because it is the civil rights issue of our time.”(emphasis mine.)

Further, the reporter condescended to explain,

“Journalism, at its core, is about justice and fairness, and that’s the ‘view of the world’ that we espouse …”

Note that the reporter’s “journalism” explanation said nothing about facts or about balance. Later in the exchange, the reporter revealed his dismissive attitude towards traditional marriage backers:

As for accuracy, should the media make room for racists, i.e. those people who believe that black people shouldn’t marry white people? Any story on African-Americans wouldn’t be wholly accurate without the opinion of a racist, right?

You, dear traditional marriage supporter, are no better than an anti-gay bigot, to be dismissed along with Klan members and segregationists. Support of same-sex marriage is not just the morally right position, but it’s the only one that that should ever be aired in polite company.

Judging by simple numbers, that arrogant, elitist Post reporter works at the right paper. In 2010, when same-sex marriage passed in D.C., The Washington Post ran 11 articles related to the law in one week, devoted 4 full pages in the paper to it, and quoted supporters of the law at a rate of 67 to just six opponents.

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