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The following is excerpted from LDS Daily. To read the full article, CLICK HERE.

We all make mistakes. We all sin. This isn’t easy to admit, especially when faced with the fairly pervasive culture of perfectionism within the Church. When we sin, we inch closer towards the adversary and, if we do not act, can forfeit our agency and become enslaved by the enemy of us all. How can we claim our sins and give them to Jesus Christ, finding liberation, peace, and joy?

These four ideas can be hard to internalize and act upon, but they’re a great place to start.

Admit What You’ve Done

When you sin, Satan wants you to hide it. If we hide what we’ve done, we don’t have to feel so much shame. We hide our sins from others and even from ourselves. But just as ignoring an illness will only make it grow worse, refusing to admit we have sinned can quickly lead to spiritual death.

It’s important to admit what you’ve done to yourself, to God, and if necessary to your ecclesiastical leaders. When we refuse to think about things and push them from our minds, those thoughts can actually grow stronger. We may feel temporary relief by ignoring our sins, but the consequences will come and so will the pain. When we can freely admit our sins, we are not bound by them. They are bound by us, held in our hands and ready to be presented to Christ.

Recognize You Can’t Change The Past

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