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Before they celebrated their 100th birthdays with friends and family earlier this month, twin brothers and World War II veterans Boyd and Ralph Henderson shared lessons learned over a lifetime of membership in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Seated in matching soft red chairs and dressed in suits with orange ties, the silver-haired Henderson brothers were asked what difference the gospel of Jesus Christ has made in their lives.

It has made all the difference, they agreed.

“It is the only thing, the main thing in my life,” Boyd Henderson said. “That is why I am 100 years old today, because I have kept the commandments that have been given to me.”

But it’s not quite over yet, his slightly younger brother, Ralph Henderson, added.

“Well, you have to keep the commandments. They are essential in life,” Ralph Henderson said. “I don’t know why all these things have come upon me to live this long, but I am trying to keep the commandments, and someday I will go back to my Father in heaven and to my [wife,] Lena.”

The brothers Henderson are also stalwart believers in observing the Word of Wisdom, the Church’s health code, outlined in Doctrine and Covenants 89.

Before their service in World War II, their father promised the twins, along with two other brothers and one brother-in-law, in priesthood blessings that if they observed the Word of Wisdom and lived the commandments, they would be protected and return home safely. They never forgot that promise, and all five returned home, the Hendersons said.

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