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The Gospel for Kids app is one of many resources Church leaders listed during the Children and Youth broadcast in June that can help parents and leaders support children in following the Savior. 

The app consolidates three previous gospel-focus apps for kids and has four main sections: Scripture Stories, Coloring Books, Sing Along and More Activities. It is designed to help children connect with the Savior at their level.

“The Gospel for Kids app is an exciting new resource that connects children to the gospel of Jesus Christ,” said Primary General President Camille N. Johnson in a July 12 Church Newsroom article. “I trust it will prove a blessing to parents and children who hunger for content to help families stay on the covenant path. I expect the music, stories and activities will invite the Spirit to attend to our precious Primary children.”

Scripture Stories features stories from the Book of Mormon, Old Testament, New Testament, and Doctrine and Covenants. Each story is designed like a children’s book and is narrated using language children can easily understand.

Coloring Books includes 21 different coloring books with pages that relate to various gospel and Church topics, such as scriptures, missionaries and service.

The Sing Along section has hymns, Children’s Songbook songs and other child-friendly gospel music.

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