If you’re feeling burned out, you’re not alone! We’re all feeling the effects of the worldwide pandemic, economic uncertainty, political divisions, and family challenges. It’s a tough time and many people feel like they’re reaching their limit. However, my guest on this episode, Valerie Hamaker, says that burnout is actually an invitation that puts us in contact with our true selves. She teaches that burnout is the perfect opportunity to dig deeper and do life in a better, more supportive way. Come listen as she breaks down how we can do this without feeling the need to do more.

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Valerie Hamaker is an individual and couples therapist with special training in trauma recovery, sexual health, depth psychology, and issues of spiritual development.

Valerie presents nationally on a variety of topics and most recently has turned her focus to the tackling of issues of burnout from a depth psychology lens.

Valerie’s podcast Generation Exhausted is a weekly commentary on the recovery of burnout in marriage, gender roles, parenting, institutional religion, and body image and she has recently launched an online community in her website [www.exhaustedGen.com] where she supports people live in their burnout recovery journey.