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Monique McDown was asking for a miracle.

A year had gone by since she was hit by a car while serving a full-time mission in Curitiba, Brazil. The accident left McDown’s right leg paralyzed, and in the months following her release as a missionary, she had been relearning how to do the “little” things, including standing up, sitting down, getting out of bed and putting on her shoes.

One afternoon in the Dallas Texas Temple, after months of physical therapy and working to regain movement in her leg, McDown believed she had done everything she could. While she accepted God’s will for her, she knew that if anything about her situation was going to change, He was the only one who could make it happen.

It was only two days later after additional fasting and praying that McDown finally saw muscle movement in her leg. A week after that, she was taking steps all on her own. 

“I know it was nothing that I did,” she said. “I know that I worked hard and I did all that I could, but at that moment, that was the power of Jesus Christ. It wasn’t the power of Monique McDown or the physical therapy; it was the true power of Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father, a miracle — a modern day miracle –– that was happening. And I was so grateful to be a part of that, that it was happening through me.”

To read the full article in the Church News, CLICK HERE.