Harry and Debra Bonner married each other about 45 years ago. A major part of their family culture has been creating music together as a family. When they started, they could not have known how far this would all go.

The Bonners were raised in the Baptist Church and gained a great deal of their love and depth in music through their experiences there. Debra, the matriarch of the family, is a world-renowned vocal coach and she applied those skills to her eight children, Nolong, Yunga, Mauli, Clotile, Yahosh, Conlon, Oyoyo and Oba.

Each of the family members has embarked on his or her own professional career, many of them having to do with music. You can’t help being lifted and happy as you listen to this remarkable family.

Maurine and I have been around the Bonners on a number of occasions and they are full of life, warmth and love. Give yourself a lift by viewing this music video which has been viewed over a million times.